AnchorRoll Çapa Yer BelirleyiciStressless Anchoring

Anchoring is a part of freedom that only yachting people enjoy: To stay in a nice bay - with beautiful nature and enjoy life. But anchoring is also a very sensitive situation. The anchor and the anchor chain is the only connection of the yacht to the mainland and therefore safety is the top priority!

The length of the anchor chain and thus the distance of the boat from the anchor is very often not visible - neither for the captains - nor for other boater. In a gentle breeze, not eben the direction in which the anchor lays is able to determine exactly.

Why AnchorRoll?

Self-Adjusting: thanks to the "roll-up" mechanism, AnchorRoll self-adjusts to the water depth and thus always floats directly above the anchor.

Anti Docking-Maneuvre: the special design as a roll (not a as usual buoy) and prohibition signs on each side avoid dangerous docking manoeuvres by other vessels. AnchorRoll Çapa Yer Belirleyici

So, especialy in popular anchor bays, often misunderstanding and problems between captains occur.

When anchor chWhen anchor chains cross and hook each other – there are fatal consequences:

Anchors are involuntarily hoisted and the safety of the yacht is no longer given.

Yachts can't leave the anchor bay without problems -  A security risk!

AnchorRoll marks the position of your anchor and anchor chain exactly. So captains can react just-in-time.

Easy storage: thanks to a build-in gap and two velcro fastener, AnchorRoll can be attached to every stainless steel rail on the ship bow. 

Solar LED: thanks to a thread at the top, each AnchorRoll can be extended with a solar LED for better visibility by night. (not included)

Anchor Raising Support: when the anchor is hooked on the ground - AnchorRoll line can be used as a tripping line.

Signal-Colours: AnchorRoll is available in two eyecatching colours"orange" and "lemongreen"

AnchorRoll Çapa Yer Belirleyici